Monday, April 25, 2016

it is one of those days bila dengaq lagu, ayaq mata berteraboq.
tengok ceghita, beremosional lebih-lebihan
rindu yang tak dapat nak ditolong
sakit hati yang tak dapat nak dikongsi
dok keluh kesah sorang-sorang
nak bercakap dengan sapa?
kawan-kawan hat yang ada semua hebat-hebat
bila berceghita, rasa macam kechik je kita ni
nak bersembang dengan adik beradik
depa pun dah tak lalu nak dengaq kot
cheq  mengadu jugak dengan Dia
cheq tau Dia dengaq
tapi kadang-kadang cheq nak berinteraksi jugak
dengan depa yang ada depan mata
tapi kalau ada depan mata pun
tak jamin cheq boleh bukak mulut nak berceghita jugak.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

KOPRATASA..masih kah kau ingat (1987)

lagu ini mengingatkan pada Pak
being the youngest, i was always with Pak and Mak
i was their travel companion, their driver, their everything..hehehhe
Pak used to travel a lot while working with Jabatan Penerangan
masa i was younger, i would skipped school to follow them around
naik flight, dapat gula-gula semangkuk, color book; color pencils yang boleh naik turun naik turun untuk tukar color dalam MAS
i learned to eat steak and chicken chop and from then memanjang nak western je :)
hence masa admitted di hospital selama sebulan pun, tidak ku pandang nasi segala
Pak loved to sing and dance
he would sing to Ramlah Ram, Rohana Jalil and his all time favorite song called Siti Zaleha
i never knew who Siti  Zaleha was to him
and i don't think that song even existed in the real world
it was just something he loved to sing
 missing the moment when everything was all so simple
whenever i walked with him, i would always have my hand wrapped around his arm
i would sniff his elbow...simply loved his smell
he would cut up my roti canai for me and pour the hot milo into the saucer, for it to cool down
there was this weekly visit to Pasar Besar Kuala Lumpur
Mak will do the buying and both of us will wait at a nearby Chinese coffee shop by the river
dark coffee for him and soya bean milk in a bottle and toasted kaya set for me
i have a lot of fond memories with Pak more than i have with Mak
i am glad i am given the opportunity to take care of Mak even though she does not recognizes me
a chance to create wonderful memories enough to cherish for a lifetime.
may we meet again Pak in Jannah, aameen.