Monday, February 22, 2016

sweetness overload.
just finished watching Reply 1988
bertalu-talu memori zaman remaja datang menyinggah
1988...baru berusia 14 tahun.
baru belajar mengenal dunia
baru mengenal kawan dan lawan
usia yang dikawal nafsu dan akal yang pendek
dalam kegembiraan, ada kedukaan, ada kekalutan
by the end of the drama, terasa sangat diri dah berusia
rindu pula pada yang lalu
(this scene reminds me of Mie giving me a back hug in the kitchen!!!)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

missing you so much tonight
mohd azmey ab wahab
memories on loop... :(

Thursday, February 11, 2016

i have fallen for this cover version over and over again
1st heard it on The Originals, googled it and wallaaaaa....
this song with Haley crying in the corner, put me into tears too.
then walked in Elijah and it was waterfall from then onwards
i remembered on the night Mie left, when i 1st heard Januari by Glenn on his mobile phone
i broke down uncontrollably
it has been eleven years but it still feels like yesterday
i can't get over him and i don't think i will get over him
my children are against me finding another life partner
to which i love to tease them and make up sad stories of me being all alone
when they have their own lives to live
truth: i can't imagine being in another person's arms other than his
i believe in the after life 
and i truly believe that we will be reunited then.