Sunday, May 31, 2009

table 26 with a view of KLCC
small and big

an overdue entry on my lunch at Menara KL with a group of ladies on last Friday. these are the beautiful ladies with whom i've worked with closely in the 1st n 2nd year of work in ST. lunch was treated by Pn Asma, who happens to be the Director - HR since a couple of weeks ago or was it a month ago. am still not sure what the occasion was as we already had our makan-makan a week earlier to honour her promotion. tapi biler orang dah belanja makan nie, makan jelah. rezeki jangan ditolak bak kata orang tua-tua.

signing ceremony bak kata Pn Ruzaida

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i have zits all over my face each the size of a Whooper. now what brought them around? beats me. there are two theories that were concluded by those around me, it's either due to me being on cloud nine or that i've been secretly playing footsie with my new boss who has the bod of a rugby player (that's what they said). strange. i will only have one enormous zit showing up when it's the time of the month. these zits are showing up "bak cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan" ..boohoo!!
refer to my kissable lips entry. at 1st glance the lips look like it belongs to a gal. the 1,2 & 3 had nothing to do with the picture, it was juz me. the lips actually belong to a Taiwanese male boy band @ Fahrenheit. pretty boys all around.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

kissable lips…..

  1. she’s applying some lip gloss before he comes in
  2. she’s checking him out as he enters
  3. in her mind, she’s hoping that he’ll spend the night








……. sweet dreams.

Monday, May 25, 2009

you can walk and talk now that you're TWO
it's so much fun to play with you
Happy 2nd Birthday Haikal Azhari.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

it's 15 minutes past 3 am and i am still up watching movies. naper tak tidor lagi? for the past week, i've been waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air, suffocating. what is going on? only God knows. all i know this high imagination is a bummer when i'm all alone looking at the ceiling at night. though i love having it while reading books.
am now doing a rerun of Grey's Anatomy season 5. juz can't enough of the doctors. i wouldn't mind being poked here and there by doctors as good looking as Derek and Sloan. hahaha..well Zahidi had his share of hot nurses. a gal can only dream, rite?
am still bummed out and sad. need more chocolates....p/s:- off day mode.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

feeling down and sad..
listening to George ere singing I Can't Make You Love Me over and over and over again..
bumped out that Adam lost..
can't continue reading Breaking Dawn coz Bella's pregnancy is too much for me to handle rite now.. i today. i feel like crying but i can't.
it is juz one of those days when i feel sooo lonely even when i have people all around me.
i'm wishing for an Enchanted Wood, the Faraway Tree.. a chance to visit the Land of Dreams, Land of Spells, Land of Topsy Turvy..feast on some Pop Biscuits and Google Buns with Moon Face and The Saucepan Man....aaahh!!!
i have this friend online who's tyring his best to cheer me up by joking around, kissing and pinching my cheeks (cyberworldly)..but it doesn't seem to work.
got to find some Enid to..have to..need to.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

currently reading Breaking Dawn (2nd round),....macam biaselah emosi naik roller coaster. followed AI, paying special attention to Adam Lambert - lurve the eyes, sexy and mysterious..can't wait for the final results..hoping Lambert will win. managed to watched all his performances from A-Z. finished watching GA's, GG's, OTH's season finale.
i do this all the time. get too emotionally involved and by end of the day, i'll be too i am today.
p/s: maybe i need my own personal brand of heroin too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

makan lagi. takde keje lain si wan nie ek, asyik post gambar makanan je. this time we had our mother’s day plus teacher’s day celebration kat Khadijah’s Kitchen. guests of honour semestinya Mak Tam and Pak Tam n family. this time around we missed k’zah walaupun najwa kata dia ada dok makan sekali. hmm..makanan yang sedap ala-ala masakan kat rumah gitu.

P5170238 P5170223

P5170235 P5170236

let’s us see..apa ek lauk dia…there were kerabu pucuk paku (which i juz jeling due to the after effect), sayur campur goreng chinese style, sambal udang, sambal ayam, udang masak tempoyak (also setakat tengok kat ujung mata je), sup tulang (yang sedap dimakan dengan roti – syu was tempted to go to the kedai mamak next door to beli), signature dish dia tauhu telur, ikan jenahak masak lemak..rasanye that was about it kot. and for desert we had orange poppy cake yang tersangat lembut dan sedap made by lovely sister, Teh who actually reminded me of Khadijah (during her younger days).

P5170216 P5170217

P5170218 P5170219

P5170220 P5170221

P5170225 P5170229

mothers n teachers..

P5170227 P5170226

the before n after…

P5170207 P5170222

the people….well…some of them posing for the cam..the specky is dedicated to my nieces..callie & syiqin.

P5170224 P5170208

P5170214 P5170209

so that was about it kat Khadijah’s Kitchen. highly recommended. advisable kalau large group, to buat reservation dulu. that’s what we did….sib baik..kalau tak melopong je lah kat tepi. customers tak putus-putus datang.

P5170212 P5170213

Saturday, May 16, 2009

last weekend we had our small mother’s day makan-makan (very the last minute). it was held at the Ipoh Kopitiam in Puchong. very the very antique deco kopitiam. kak started the makan-makan with a little treasure hunt. she made us (ok not all of us, i actually asked her to wait for me at the toll plaza) carik the kopitiam in kawasan yang tersangatlah unfamiliarnya pada kami. i think k’chik nearly gave up.

P5100207 P5100209

kak dok bagi directions to her other sisters and she finally had to drive out and wait for them.

P5100210 P5100208

food was ok. as k’chik kata not bad as we order segala macam and it did not exceed RM100/-.

P5100240 P5100253

i had the mee kari…kari punyelah pekat. sampai boleh makan ngan cream crackers. believe it they have it there. fuuuh!! sedap giler.

P5100259 P5100268

P5100271 P5100275


p/s: wished Mak was ‘ere.

today ada makan-makan lagi kat rumah A’Wan and K’Zai to discuss pasal Aye’s engagement in June and Nana’s wedding in August. i promised Zahidi that i’ll post up some pics for him…so here goes.

P5160222 P5160220

P5160232 P5160227

P5160225 P5160231 P5160229 P5160228

that was the meeting and goofing around part. now for the real deal…

P5160215 P5160218

P5160214 P5160234

P5160216 P5160211

hmm…gambar sambal udang and pengat pisang yang menarik tak leh nak uploadlah…seakan dia tak sanggup diperlihatkan pada en zahidi. nie jelah…ok tak?

the next perbincangan will be on 18 julai…jauh lagi ek. well..for that lama lah…tapi esok ada lagi satu makan-makan kat Khadijah’s Kitchen..insyaAllah.

p/s: walaupun jauh, anda tetap dalam ingatan kami.