Wednesday, November 26, 2008

..a teeny-weeny bit of izzie-danny moment is all i ask of, pretty please..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's a love story between the disobedient student Kang-wook and his teacher Yool-ju set in a high school in Chuncheon. Before meeting Kang-wook, Yool-ju has been dating Tae-hyeon, a public prosecutor. But over time Yool-ju and Kang-wook fall deeply in love with each other despite social prejudices, the age gap and the teacher-student relation. One day, Yool-ju accidentally kills Kang-wook's classmate who intentionally harasses Kang-wook. But due to narcolepsy, Yool-ju doesn't remember what has happened, as she falls asleep during the incident. To protect her, Kang-wook goes to jail in place of Yool-ju. Five years later, when Kang-wook is released from prison, he meets with Yool-ju again, but Yool-ju is engaged to Tae-hyeon. Learning what sacrifice he has made for her, Yool-ju wants to return to Kang-wook, but this time Kang-wook is not alone -- Ja-kyung, his former classmate and currently a radio program host, is beside him. The circumstances hamper Yool-ju from loving Kang-wook, but she is desperate to help him recover the lost five years and become a top-notch cook.
i'm a love story addict, so be it. stumble upon cerita nie masa tv surfing jam 3.30 pagi hari tu and now i'm hooked on it. words can't really describe what my feelings are rite now, but if you have the time, tengoklah. these koreans are great. naperlah takde cerita melayu yang boleh meruntun jiwa mcm cite2 korea nie. hmm..
p/s: i'm in lovey dovey mode, so kalau nampak saya tersenyum atau menangis bila melihat anda...abaikan je.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

dapat nie thru my email..
when your heart hurts..
Sometimes things happen unintentionally. you did something and you don't realize that will bother another person. You do your best to keep everything in order. you are tired day in and day out, you don't want to nag anymore, you just do it day after day, and when someone question, no argue with you on that and make you feel that what you do is annoying them, you feel worthless, and when they snap at you, shout at you, how do you feel, hurt.. with the deepest cut is how i felt. You stop talking to each other, you ignore each other's presence, when that happens, you feel lonely and takes a while to forgive but you do it anyway but the momeries and the pain lingers on......

i truly understand what you are going through. asam garam kehidupan kan...i hope you will get thru it - it is always easier said than done. as for me, still feeling left out dalam segala hal and talking doesn't seem to be helping. malahan lagi bercakap dan mendengar, makin terasa diri ini amatlah kekurangannya. rasa macam nak duduk bawah tempurung je (muat ker) tapi ngan internet connection...boleh? or better still dalam kelambu..nampak je perihal di luar tapi tak nak masuk campur..hmm..macam familiar je situasi nie..bukan itu apa yang u buat sekarang ke Amal?

Monday, November 3, 2008

i've not been myself for the past month. i've not been calling or returning calls of some friends. i've not even been replying any smses sent. i'm sorry for not being the friend that i once was. m sorry for breaking my promises. i'm sorry for not atttending open house invitations, wedding receptions and birthday celebrations. sorry for not being there when i was needed. i'm not shutting everyone out although it may seem like it. yes we all have our share of problems. ntahlah susah nak explain apa yang One rasa sekarang. i know this keeping-to-myself thing is going to end with awkwardness when i finally meet up with friends.
kepada yang merajuk, saya tak terdaya nak memujuk kerana diri sendiri pun tak terpujuk, kepada yang merasakan dirinya ada membuat salah, percayalah anda tidak bersalah..mungkin kesalahan anda hanyalah memilih kawan seperti saya yang tidak pandai menghargai persahabatan anda. kepada yang merasa saya menyisihkan anda, mungkin saya lebih rasa tersisih.
dearest friends (if i have any left), please be patient and bear with me. grant me the space and time that i need to heal my mixed emotions. forgive me for not saying much these days...