Sunday, August 31, 2008

m i being too sensitive & too controlling? hmm..syu said i'm actually closer to him than anyone else. i didn't think so then but now i think i do. he hasn't been home since friday and it feels like it has been ages. went over to my sis in SJ on friday to see my mum off to AS. he didn't come along as he had tuition the next morning and i was sleeping over at SJ. so fine, i can accept that. saturday came n still there was no sign of him. tried to be sombong n couldn't care less but alas i text him in the evening asking whether he's coming back home. he replied yes. waited for him and only to receive a text saying he's not coming home as he has some "work" to do. hmm..what work at 11 pm??? and at age 11??? i replied with "whateva". i was hurt & sad. today is sunday, finally he came home at about 4pm, 5 seconds later he was gone..not a single word was uttered.
it hurts so bad, like the ones that i felt when Mie was around. i guess when u love someone so much, everything that he does that does not involve u, will hurt u.
he was juz 7 floors away.

Monday, August 25, 2008

beginning my entry with gambar handsome anak teruna & not so teruna, taken before majlis pertunangan Nana on 24.8.2008 at Sri Gombak. Nana's the 2nd niece that got engaged this year.

pics of hantaran dari pihak perempuan

Pa'Man selaku orang tua di majlis tengah dok karang ayat for the majlis..hmm reminded me of arwah Pak..Pak akan ada list of things to do & whom to attend to each items on the list and so on...very the efficient event manager. nieces & nephews hanging in line..Aisya's (in pink) wedding in December.

what better things to do while waiting to sambut pihak lelaki than posing for the cam, rite? the ring on her finger...

..then it was time for the macho guys & adorable kids to do their thing..bringing out the hantarans in style. we had them posing for camera before heading out.

selesai sudah.

hantaran dari pihak lelaki

while the rombongan were having their makan2, we had our own agenda..this is where the VC came in..

the hungry Wans came rushing out for fooooood!!!

birthday songs for the birthday boy in grey...there were birthday songs in English, BM, ala-ala rap version, kalau tak salah inang or zapin version..mak lang even wanted to sing in ala-ala it was a birthday to remember, huh Adrian?

menyeronokkan biler we get together. alhamdulillah dari pagi my head was ok. cuma biler dah masuk tengahari, cuaca pun start panas, kepala pun start pening balik. balik je rumah, i was out sampai petang. the kids had the tv on and friends to play with kat luar. thank God. cuma bila bangun je, i had the spinning episode again. desperately wanted to pee..called out for Firdaus..turned out dia tengah tdo. it is either i gagahkan jugak diri ke bilik air or i need to clean the whole room afterwards. went to the toilet..rasa macam jauh sangat bilik air tu..couldn't hold it in any longer..masa tu jugaklah rasa macam nak tumbang ke depan..sandarkan diri kat dinding bilik air..n i burst into tears. masa tulah rasa sehopelessnye. pain yang teramat tapi no one was around to help me out. i rasa those who have not experienced it will never understand apa rasanya biler dunia starts to tunggang terbalik...i bet the doc pun tak rasa it's serious. i was feeling very emotional, upset, hopeless..after recovering a bit, i sent a sms to Kak telling her of the incident, to which she responded by calling me up..hearing her comforting me made it all better..thanx Kak, that's all that i needed at that particular time. really need to see a specialist. pray for me..ya?