Wednesday, December 31, 2008

say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009. long gone were the days of celebrating New Year by the beach or just hanging out with a bunch of looney friends and getting into trouble with Pak for staying out the whole nite. i've gone thru a lot this year and would very much like to put everything behind me. don't believe in resolutions so i won't be going there. i've lost a couple of friends this year and got to know a few more who actually understood what i was going thru without any explanation. SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2009 to me!!
p/s: there's no such thing as best friends, only good friends.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

we had Aisyah's akad nikah on 13 December 08 and her reception on 14 December 08. all were done kat umah KakChik in Selayang. wanted to upload pics rite after the thingy, but my memory card got corrupted. managed to retrieve some of the pics using some freeware. all went well, except for a few hiccups tapi tu biaselah kan, adat buat kerja. i was still seeing Aisyah as this little girl with curly hair who spoke with a british accent up till the day before nikah.. where she showed me & her mum all the sexy lingeries that she bought in a sale. it finally hit me, she was a grown lady about to get married. i cried..believe me i cried. tak taulah tangisan tu pasal sedih atau gembira tapi i cried. syu made fun of me as i made fun of her whenever she buat keje2 ala keperempuanan nie.

siapa sangka di balik dedaun nie ada seorang gadis dengan tekunnya sedang menghiris daun pandan untuk dibuat bunga rampai..hehehehe

we had our fun posing for the camera. glad mak was around to see her first grandchild's wedding. the next would be in June/July, hope she'll still be around, amin. arur & adam mocking us girls!!!

it's a good thing a'chik buat the pelamin seteguh-teguhnya. with all the havoc the omarians buat, boleh patah 10 pelamin tu. pics taken dengan uncles & aunties did not make it thru the retrieval, what a sad thing.

reception day. k'chik had the smkepong chaklempong team to perform.

sugar boxes did by teh for the honourable guests..psst..if you helped out during the preparation, gerenti dapat sape yang tak tolong tu..makan hati jelah. hahahahaha.

zahidi, believe it your mum joined us, your crazy aunties, menyanyi dan menari masa band mainkan lagu saloma...

pics taken after the nikah ceremony. she juz loves the camera.

hana & athira were so nervous, macam depa plak yang nak nikah.

juz love these good looking guys@nephews.. all clad in baju melayu.