Tuesday, July 31, 2007

baru pagi tadi kita dok gelak2.
gelak sampai x boleh nak berenti.
tup2 call tengahari nie, u in emergency room. chest pain! naper? apa yang tak kena?
dulu masa no one couldn’t contact u kat putrajaya, I was so damn worried, thinking of the worst.
yelah keje sampai ke malam pastu x leh contact plak….macam worriedkan anak sendiri.
u’ve been such a good friend all these while, sharing thoughts and secrets.
u’ve gone through a lot..and u have survived.
hope everything will turn out ok.
my ‘doa’s are with you.

Monday, July 30, 2007

i’m so addicted to Korean series rite now. i started with “a love to kill”, “full house”, “my girl” and currently “sang doo, let’s go to school”. All of which ada Bi Rain..except for “my girl”. he is so cute! come to think of it, mata dia yg sepet yang buat dia cute giler!! speaking of Korean, i ada niece from korea..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ari nie 17 Julai. kalau Mie was still around, he would b 33 this year. selalunya on his birthday, i would take the day off to visit his grave. tis year tak berkesempatan nak apply cuti pasal my boss is leaving for Sarawak tomorrow and there r tonnes of things to be done.
lately i’ve been missing him so much. dreams of him have become so often that i’m starting to feel his presence around the house. gila ke apa Amal nie? macam manalah org suh carry on with my life and find someone new.
out of frustration and boredom, i splashed my money on a new hp. i know that i can’t afford anything at the mo tapi bila pikirkan balik, i’ve spent a lot of my money on other people, why can’t for once i treat myself to something new. gaji tiap2 bulan abis byr hutang sana sini, hutang yg wujud since Mie was around.
come to think of it, i spent a lot on food for my kids. yelah budak nak membesar. ada yg kata i’m being too nice with the kids. ikut sangat kemahuan they all. hmm…i guess i was brought up that way, nak cakap mcm mana lagi.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

i’m feeling the pain again.
physically and mentally in pain.
kepala bercelaru, jiwa kacau!
eeee banyak benda nak kena attend to.
banyak benda yang nak diselesaikan and time n RM r not by my side.
why couldn’t life juz be simple as A B C?
dulu masa kecik sibuk nak besar cepat.
sekarang dah besar teringin balik nak ke zaman kanak-kanak..
life with no worries!!
i have so many things in my head rite now, all jumbled up
and i’m finding it hard to cope with.
putting on a brave face rite is very tiring.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

farhan had a new hair cut last weekend. barulah terserlah muka farhan. slalu mata dia tersorok balik mata dia. actually lagi pendek rambut dia, lagi panjang akal dia..maybe kapla dah ringan, lagi byk boleh pk. hehehe...he's one cheeky, naughty & loveable boy.
he was so fascinated with his hair cut, dia sampai mandi x nak basahkan rambut, takut rambut dia berubah bentuk..well, me being the responsible mum mestilah nak mandikan the whole body untuk buangkan saki baki rambut yg ada..he was mad tapi lepas Firdaus tolong style kan balik mcm lepas potong, he was ok. macam2 hal..kecik2 dah pandai nak stylo..