Monday, April 18, 2005 hoo..

Jimmy..Mie..Abg..Papa...that was my kata panggilan to him..dr kawan, kawin n dpt anak..

How i miss calling out those names..i miss ething bout him. His jokes, even when we fought..He liked to tease me n i ended up being angry at him..n we ended up fighting. The fighting is nothing..juz a test of love n patience..the make up after the fight were usually great..i guess that's y we loved to fight..hehehe.

Life is sure hard now. I've 4 growin kids..Firdaus (8), Faris (4), Farhana (3) n cute baby Farhan (9 mths). Taulah kan how kids r..naughty but cute..mischievous yet adorable. Sometimes rase cam nak give up biler they all naughty sangat..but rasa tu sekejap je..hmm..they r still my responsibility. Sometimes i pity them..whenever i scolded them..they will look at me with their big round eyes, crying for hoo!! Who could resist that? Wonder how some so-called-mothers have the heart 2 juz leave their babies in the dumpster!!